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Professional Commercial Tile Services

Do you have a hall or any public building you would love to tile? Tile is a fantastic option for those who want a durable, great looking floor. Generally, tiles vary in their cost estimation, from natural stones which are expensive to porcelain which is quite affordable. In commercial tile installation, it is worthy of note that in your choice of tiles, you must consider the fact you are flooring for commercial purpose. Tile durability varies widely too. For example, natural stones such as granite or marble can be very expensive but highly durable. However, VCT and porcelain are typically much more affordable although they don’t carry as long of a lifespan. You must be careful of high-traffic areas or those with highly specialized uses, such as healthcare settings while selecting the tile in a commercial place. Although damage might be inevitable for commercial tile, there are tiles that can be cleaned by sweeping while others could require special attention. Ease of cleaning along with increased safety are why in commercial interior flooring tile flooring is a popular choice. This is because tile flooring is produced with a variety of materials such as vinyl composition tile (VCT), stone, ceramic, porcelain, and concrete. Need commercial tile installation in Los Angeles, CA? Call 323-935-1269 today!

One of the best type of tiles to be used for commercial tile installation is Commercial Grade Tile. This is because it is designed naturally to survive the highest level of foot traffic, all the while maintaining its beauty. In fact, they can be installed with a range of grout types, depending on the type of flooring used. Like every other thing in these modern days, aesthetics have influenced the choice of tile selection for flooring. Meanwhile, there are some tiles that allow designers to achieve a consistent look, while others wear out and, come in a variety of colors and patterns that can make the floor a focal point within a space. Commercial tiles are great with a natural look suitable for your building. They recreate the elegant look of hardwood or stone with the ability to hold up after years of wear and tear when you are combining the beauty and durability of tile. Porcelain floor tiles are ideal for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and even wall backsplashes! Here are some commercial tile installation services we can offer.

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Features of Commercial Tiles

The following are features of commercial tiles to be used in some designated areas;

Good SCOF Rating of At Least 0.80

There are some commercial areas like hospitals, kitchens that will need to select good tiles, consider this rating as they are the best characteristics to consider.

SCOF Rating of Nothing Higher Than 0.60

If you have areas with continuously wet areas such as pool coping or fountain, you should never have polished or glazed tile unless they have this rating.

SCOF Rating of Nothing Less Than 0.80

If you have surfaces with an incline or decline, then the SCOF rating should be in this range given.

It is pertinent to note that the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) is one of the best and oldest criteria in commercial tiling.

Here are two of the best commercial-rated tiles for use in high-traffic areas:


In commercial tile installation, terrazzo is the best in terms of the durability of commercial tiles. This is because terrazzo is one of the most beautiful versatile products on the market. In fact, it is perfect for incorporating custom logos and designs into your flooring. In the showrooms, terrazzo is the best seeing that they’re places you wish to impress people with your products. Generally speaking, terrazzo is not worth the cost in small rooms or sections of a building. It could be very expensive but durable. Terrazzo is best-suited for large, high-traffic areas such as airports or showrooms where the designer is aiming for a chic look

Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles are made from hard fire clay. Over the years, Quarry tile has proven to withstand spills, foot traffic, and grease buildup. They are typically used in a commercial kitchen. Amazingly, they are much cheaper and offers the same functionality and durability benefits as other tiles. it is pertinent to note that the durability of this tile depends on whether it is installed properly, to begin with, and maintained properly throughout the lifetime of the flooring system. Contact Wilshire Tile, Inc. with a call at 323-935-1269 for commercial tile installation in Los Angeles, CA.