Showroom Tile Installation

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Quality Tile Installation for Your Showroom

Showrooms are commercial areas where product sellers showcase their products. Showroom tiles installation is quite different from other installations because it is a place to entice the customers. It is important to keep it eye-catching. To do this, many people have resorted to using tile for both wall and flooring of showrooms. Additionally, considering the fact that showrooms are for commercial purpose, the tiles to be used will be those typical of a commercial building. By commercial tiles, it means the hardness and all other features must be present in the tile. Apart from commercial tiles, showrooms must be installed with beautiful and charming tiles. Remember that showrooms are supposed to entice the customers in such a way that they will always want to return to buy from you. In short, the showroom tiles installation must present an attractive showroom.  For all of your showroom tile needs, call 323-935-1269 for Wilshire Tile, Inc..

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Tiles Used for Showrooms

Below are two tiles typically used for showrooms:


In the durability of commercial tiles, terrazzo is the best. This is because terrazzo is one of the most beautiful versatile products on the market. In fact, it is perfect for incorporating custom logos and designs into your flooring. In the showrooms, terrazzo is the best seeing that they’re places you wish to impress people with your products. Generally speaking, terrazzo is not worth the cost in small rooms or sections of a building. Terrazzo is best-suited for large, high-traffic areas such as airports or showrooms where the designer is aiming for a chic look. For upscale applications, this LEED-friendly flooring is about as durable as it gets.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl is soft, pliable strong, hard-wearing and low-maintenance. It is useful in the interior flooring of the house either commercial or residential.  It is regarded as one of the best tiles adopted by commercial showrooms over the years. Commercial vinyl tile is a top environmentally friendly choice and offers multiple colors and styles for a completely unique look. Although this kind of tiles are in sheets and tiles, most people love to use the sheets. With vinyl, there are not many connections among the tiles i.e. it has sizes typically for a commercial floor. Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials available for tile flooring, and is extremely durable for a look that lasts. Most importantly, vinyl is resistant to extremely high temperatures. The rate of its water resistance is considerably high.

In the installation procedures, there are simple steps to installing tiles at any point. Basically, the steps involved in tile installations are; preparation of the place, laying of tiles, grouting, and cleaning. When you want to install, make sure the floor is free from every other external object and install cement board. Then, lay the tiles gently. After 20 minutes, you will need to grout it. Lastly, clean the grout and the floor generally. The tile is ready. It is that simple! Wilshire Tile, Inc. is always available to get started on your showroom tile installation in Los Angeles, CA. Reach out to us at 323-935-1269 today!