Commercial Kitchen Tile

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We Install and Repair Commercial Kitchen Tile

Generally, flooring in a commercial kitchen needs to survive more harsh conditions. This is why choosing tile is the best option. Tile is a beautiful flooring choice as it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and hardness. By selecting the right tile for your commercial kitchen, you ensure a choice that will last a lifetime or longer. Then, commercial flooring needs to be hard-wearing. In fact, heavy traffic created by the constant coming and going of kitchen and waiting staff can take a heavy toll over time and affect the flooring of the kitchen if it is not tiled with quality material. Some important things to consider in commercial kitchen tile is that they must be able to withstand very high temperatures, provide a non-slip surface for the safety of staff, and more. Wilshire Tile, Inc. will help you find the best tile for your commercial kitchen’s needs. Call us today at 323-935-1269 for your commercial kitchen tile in Los Angeles, CA.

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Tile Used in Commercial Kitchens

The following are samples of tiles used in a commercial kitchen:

Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles are made from hard fire clay. Over the years, Quarry tile has proven to withstand spills, foot traffic, and grease buildup. They are typically used in a commercial kitchen. Amazingly, they are much cheaper and offers the same functionality and durability benefits as other tiles. It is important to note that the durability of this tile depends on whether it is installed properly to begin with and maintained properly throughout the lifetime of the flooring system.

Vinyl Commercial Flooring

Vinyl is pliable, strong, hard-wearing and low-maintenance. It is regarded as one of the best tiles adopted by commercial kitchens over the years. This commercial tile is a relatively cost-effective solution and always ensure a safe working environment. Although this kind of tiles is in sheets and tiles, most people love to use the sheets. With vinyl, there are no such connections among the tiles i.e. it has sizes typically for a commercial floor. It is affordable and attractive. Most importantly, vinyl is resistant to extremely high temperatures. The rate of its water resistance is considerably high. The commercial kitchen has got the best choice for itself!

Ceramic Tiles

In the kitchen, having stains on the floor is inevitable considering the activities. You can avoid this by locating those areas where you will be needing tiles that are resistant to stain. The correct tiling in this area will keep you from having to clean incessantly. These applicable tiles are called ceramic tiles. They are resistant to stains, intense heat, and water. Amazingly, commercial ceramic tiles are usually maintained with a glass glaze to give them added durability and a range of attractive design features. One thing is that they could be very expensive, even more so than vinyl tiles. They are made with huge kilns which give them the power to be able to withstand any form of high temperature. You could use them at the spot where the real cooking is done, perhaps on the counter.

Your Tile Experts

Wilshire Tile, Inc. is always available to get started on your commercial kitchen tile projects. We work with top suppliers to give you the best product for your property and use only the best installation practices. With many years in the tile industry, our team is the one to call for your commercial building’s installation. Call us today at 323-935-1269 for your commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.