Counter Top Installation

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Professional Counter Installation

Generally, counters are horizontal work surfaces typically located in areas of buildings such as bathrooms or lavatories, workrooms, and kitchens or other food preparation areas. The length of a typical countertop ranges between 32 to 34 inches off the floor. Among things that could affect the height of counters is the sink. Sinks generally are always designed in the bathroom to ensure washing or brushing of your teeth. Counters are a very essential part of the kitchen and bathrooms. They could be the source of remodeling and giving modern look to a traditional room where they are installed.

Among many other countertop materials used in the kitchen are; marble, honed granite, stainless steel, glass, recycled, concrete, and travertine countertops. Above all these are tile countertops. They are an inexpensive material that is easier to maintain and install. Want installation of tile counters or counter tops for your home in Los Angeles, CA? Speak with the experts at Wilshire Tile, Inc. when you call 323-935-1269!

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Counter Materials We Install

The following are types of tiles usually used in the installation of counters;

Whimsical Kitchen Counter Tile

This type of tile is one of the most distinctive and color-rich tiles. In fact, it comes with a color block. The designers of this type of tile originated from New York. This is a wonderful tile that would fit just right in a Craftsman-style kitchen. They are very bright and durable for kitchen tops.

Brick Pavers

Do you desire to have countertops that will be colorful? Then brick pavers are the best to choose. You can use them to create counters at the food preparation area. They are particularly popular in cafes and delis. They are very useful throughout an entire establishment and along walls to create a homey atmosphere, yet they are durable and highly resistant to heat and staining. In fact, they create a good number of protection where they are used for counters.

The Blue French Look Counter Tiles

This type of tile is square in shape and are always in 6 inches. This particular type has been popular because it has the 3×7 inch Botanical Cap Accent trim. You may want to avoid high-gloss finishes, as they easily scratch.

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Large Beige Tiles

Larger tiles are very easy to clean. As counters in places like the kitchen and bathroom will always be dirty considering the activities carried on there, you can consider using this type of tile. They are always 12 inches square. They are just the perfect one at the spot of washing and brushing of teeth. They are natural stones which cover the surface of the counters in two phases. Although when they are used with grout, they will need to be sealed for effective usage.  

Looking for quality tile counters or counter tops in Los Angeles, CA? Wilshire Tile, Inc. has got you covered with quality installation of tile for your needs. Our team is always happy to help you find the best option for your home or business counters and will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.  Contact us today for the installation of your countertop, backsplash, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling at 323-935-1269.