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Do you have an exterior or outdoor open place that needs flooring? There are different types of flooring options that you can choose from. For the mean time, note that exterior flooring consists of rolls, mats and tiles are made of rubber, plastic, carpet or foam. Though if not properly managed, exterior flooring could be harmful depending on the flooring type. The exterior floorings are durable yet comfortable, and very easy to install and maintain. Wilshire Tile, Inc. provides you with quality exterior flooring solutions in Los Angeles, CA. Reach out to our professional team today at 323-935-1269 and learn what flooring options may be available to your exterior space.

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Exterior Flooring Ideas

The following are some Exterior Flooring Ideas:

Rubber Exterior Flooring

If you have playgrounds, decks and outdoor gyms, rubber flooring is a perfect floor for any outdoor space. Exterior rubber flooring could be in different forms such as rolls, tiles, and mats. Most of these rubber has been designed to withstand the harsh environment and climate conditions. They are very easy to install and maintain.

Exterior Rubber Paver Tiles

For most exterior and outdoor floor installation, rubber paver tiles are the most common and preferable. They are special because they can withstand the harsh rays of the sun, whatever. The pavers are natural stones and give an ideal look to the exterior floor. They are very easy to maintain and clean. Their installation process is simple and quick. Rubber paver tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth and provide more comfort underfoot than natural stone.

Deck Tiles

These tiles are great as flooring for showers, patios and outdoor decks and are resistant to mold, mildew, and fading. This is because they are vented to allow air through. They are available in both hard plastic tiles and composite decking tiles that are both resistant to insects and weather. Yeah, they are eco-friendly too.  

Artificial Turf

The kind of flooring that has been very popular from antiquity is Artificial turf. It is considerably cheap to maintain. Meanwhile, modern turf is more like real grass that has been specially designed to withstand any form of harsh weather and environment. This kind of flooring is applicable for lots of purposes like playground flooring and pet grass. As you wouldn’t need to cut the grass, they very easy to install and maintain.


Carpet tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth. Installing carpet tiles is very easy.  They are tiles that resist fading and easy to clean. They come in different colors and patterns. They are affordable, yet effective. Should it be damaged, it is very easy to repair.

The following are few tips to general exterior floor maintenance:

  • You must learn to clean it up every time. Try to always put away the stray objects.
  • You must learn to illuminate it very well so that in the dark the beauty will be enhanced.
  •  Action. This is means that you monitor the kind of things that thread on the exterior floor.

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